Massages are traditionally given with warm sesame oil and/or herbal oil. Based on a short conversation before each massage, I will select the best oil to support your individual constitution and needs. Each massage focuses on rejuvenating, balancing and opening your energy flow. After the massage, you will have time to rest for a few moments to allow your body to memorize the relaxation. All of this is included in the time and price shown.

Take the feeling of a nourished body and mind with you for the entire day.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:


Full-body massage/ Abhyanga

Relaxing, balancing and rejuvenating. This massage nourishes tissue and ligaments, eases tension and stimulates the blood circulation. Can also help to improve sleep.
70 Min. DKK 980, 90 Min. DKK 1250

Neck and back massage/ Pristabhyanga

Eases tension, relaxes tired muscles and improves flexibility. Can also relieve back pain. Promotes a post-massage feeling of lightness.
55 Min. DKK 780

Foot and lower leg massage/ Padabhyanga

Gives the feet stability, strength and softness. This massage has a very calming and grounding effect, and improves joint mobility. Can also promote sleep. Often results in the feeling of walking on clouds.
55 Min. DKK 780

Belly massage/ Nabhi-Marma

Activates and stimulates the digestive system, called Agni. This massage relaxes the abdomen and regulates the main energy center, or Nabhi. Can also help boost overall vitality.
55 Min. DKK 780


3 x Full-body massage, 70 Min, DKK 2650 (save DKK 290.-)
Valid for 4 months after purchase.
Give yourself the time to relax and ease tension in a monthly routine.

9 x Full-body massage, 70 Min, DKK 7200 (save DKK 1620.-)
Valid for 4 months after purchase.
This luxury package is designed to nourish your skin, relax your mind and ease tension in your body. This intense treatment package promotes a clear feeling of being centered, balanced and vital.
The first week includes three consecutive appointments. During the following three weeks, you will have one appointment each week, and then one appointment each month for the next three months.


In Ayurveda, oiling ourselves from head to toe has a long tradition and is part of the daily morning routine. It is valuable to set aside time for yourself to appreciate your body.
A weekly self-massage can restore the body’s balance as well as enhance well-being, nourish the whole body and increase circulation.
It also can provide a deep feeling of stability, grounding and warmth.
People say they feel protected and calm throughout the day.

Guide for self-massage

  • Pour approximately ½ dl oil (sesame, almond or jojoba oil) in a small glass/cup and warm it in a water bath.
  • Start to oil your belly clockwise from the navel in a circular motion. This is one of your main energy centers. It activates your digestive system and may boost the immune system.
  • Then oil your sacrum and pelvis. Continue using long strokes to oil your legs. Spend a few minutes massaging your feet.
  • Go back to your belly and oil your chest, arms and back.
  • Apply some oil to the crown of your head and spend a few minutes massaging your scalp and ears. In a circular motion, massage your forehead, cheeks and jaw.
  • In general, massage your joints using a circular motion and everything in between with long strokes.
  • Let the oil absorb for 5-15 minutes. In the meantime, you can wrap yourself in a big towel or bathrobe, drink some warm water, meditate, do some easy yoga asanas or just keep massaging feet, hands or ears.
  • Take a shower or a warm bath.